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【 Vogue Singapore 】 1 Nov 2023

  【 Vogue Singapore 】 Thank you @voguesingapore for featuring us! “The Polska Traveller is an emerging brand based out of Hong Kong that breathes new life into old metallic goods and artifacts. Helmed by designer Yeung Sau-Lun, his fascination with local vintage markets and second-hand stores on the streets of Poland led to a lightbulb moment of transforming these antique knick knacks into enduring statement jewellery. Through intricate process of sculpturing, moulding and life casting, each piece is seemingly different and boasts its own unique traits.”

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【 Media Coverage 明週文化 interview 】13 August 2021

@in__ner @mpw.culture interview 香港永遠是遊子的根,專訪The Polska Traveller|I LOVE HONG KONG VERY MUCH從前覺得「離開是為了回來」是廢話,直到有日發現,原來離開可以是永遠,才驚覺回來的可貴。遠離最煩囂的銅鑼灣,一個轉角中有間七十呎不到的小舖,裏面卻能看到世界。這間名為「The Polska Traveller」的點,賣的首飾跟它的名字一樣不羈,店主楊修麟(Lun)卻是個憨厚開朗的男子。他帶着世界各地的舊物回到香港,將它們鑄造成一件件獨一無二的首飾,再帶着它們到處遊歷,然後再回來。Lun說:「愈去得多不同地方,愈能看到這裏的好。」離開後還能回來,是游子(traveller)歸家;至少還未成為離散者(diaspora),無家可歸。

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